The Antwerp Smart Zone: take part in it!

Can technology and innovation improve life in the city and make it safer? Can it ensure that the courier in your street always finds a free parking space, or that waiting for a red light becomes less annoying?

What is the Antwerp Smart Zone?

The Antwerp Smart Zone is a taste of the city of tomorrow. Using inter-connected smart cameras and sensors, solutions are being found for crossing the street more safely, or to make more efficient use of light in a dark square.

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Where is the Antwerp Smart Zone?

The Antwerp Smart Zone is located in Sint-Andries, a typical Antwerp neighbourhood with narrow residential streets, many people, busy shops and cafés, few parking places, and so on. It is a miniature version of the city, and an ideal place for experimenting.

A unique experiment

Making a city smarter is a long process of brainstorming, testing, endeavouring, adjusting and testing again. The opinion of the citizen is an important part of that research.

The project development

The infrastructure

Companies and research institutes, such as imec City of Things, collect measurement results and combine, analyse and interpret these results to develop smart applications. All data will be converted into useful information for city services and all Antwerp residents. Using the data, solutions will be developed that can be applied and tested on streets and squares.

Our infrastructure

Privacy guaranteed

The Antwerp Smart Zone uses cameras and sensors that register and analyse movements. The project is supervised by a specialised team that provides watertight guarantees for the privacy of every citizen.

All data collected

  • will be retained for the minimally required period to process these
  • will be stored anonymously
  • will be protected against theft and hacking
  • can only be requested in the context of judicial inquiries
  • will be processed according to the GDPR legislation.