Would you like to join in as a company? Certainly!

Do you have an innovative, smart city solution that you would like to create, test and validate with others in a real environment? Then you can go to the Antwerp Smart Zone, in the heart of the city. There, you can make use of the infrastructure and data from partners active in the Antwerp Smart Zone.

Thanks to the living lab, you as a company can test your smart solution in real conditions, use the shared data in the Antwerp Smart Zone, and add data yourself. As a result, you can get your company noticed and make new applications possible. Successful solutions can be expanded and applied to multiple cities.

Grab your chance and register here.

The Antwerp Smart Zone is regularly looking for the development of innovative solutions to urban challenges such as climate adaptation, smart lighting, safer traffic, and so on.

You will find the new challenges that are currently open at antwerpen.digipolis.be
The challenges are only available in Dutch, but you can contact Digipolis for more assistance.