Privacy guaranteed

The Antwerp Smart Zone uses cameras and sensors that register and analyse movements. The project is supervised by a specialised team that provides watertight guarantees for the privacy of every citizen.

All data collected

  • will be retained for the minimally required period to process these
  • will be stored anonymously
  • will be protected against theft and hacking
  • can only be requested in the context of judicial inquiries
  • will be processed according to the GDPR legislation.

Privacy in the Antwerp Smart Zone

The Antwerp Smart Zone collects and processes personal and other data.
This privacy policy describes the processing of your data and your rights regarding the Antwerp Smart Zone.

Objective of collecting and processing information

Your personal data will only be used by the City of Antwerp and by imec, and this only in the context of cooperation in the Antwerp Smart Zone. It is explicitly excluded that your data will be

  • used for purposes other than those of the City of Antwerp or imec,
  • used for commercial purposes,
  • passed on to external organisations outside the City of Antwerp or imec.

Who has access to my information?

To process certain data, the City of Antwerp and imec rely on data processors. The Antwerp Smart Zone makes all technological and organisational efforts to ensure these processors have minimal access to the data, with minimal time to carry out their tasks.

Inspection, correction or removal

You can view your personal details, have them corrected or have them deleted. This happens under the statutory conditions. 

  • To apply your rights, you can
  • If you ask a question about your privacy rights, 
    • please include a copy of the front of your identity card,
    • and state the project for which you want to assert your rights.

Questions, comments and complaints

  • Before the start of each project, you can check which data is collected and used.
  • If you have any questions or comments about the Antwerp Smart Zone privacy policy, you can 
  • Everyone has the right to file a complaint at