Climate adaptation


The Antwerp Smart Zone is using this heat and water experiment to investigate how people, citizens, companies or local authorities can be encouraged into climate-friendly behaviour through technology such as Augmented Reality or games. 

Can technology initiate dialogue about climate-friendly measures? Or could it even lead to green investments? And will these measures and investments eventually lead to a climate-robust city?

This experiment preferably tries to link new technology to existing or planned initiatives such as garden streets, the civilian budget or local green plans.


  • Step 1: Kick-off for the core group (September 2018)
  • Step 2: Development of game concept (November 2018)
  • Step 3: Workshops with residents (December 2018)
  • Step 4: Development project proposal (February 2019)
  • Step 5: Workshops and test phase (March 2019)
  • Step 6: Proof of concept (from June 2019)


For this project, we are collaborating with the City of Antwerp, VITO, Cegeka, UAntwerpen, Digipolis and imec.