Heat stress


How can technology quickly and specifically support the provision of information to the most vulnerable groups in a neighbourhood about heat in the city? An experimental app, “De Hitteverklikker” [The Heat Detector] is being developed within the Smart Zone. This app displays the current heat stress and temperature forecast for the neighbourhood, and warns people about heat periods and heat waves via website, SMS, e-mail or offline. In addition to the warning system, the app also offers tips on how to deal with a heat wave and how to search on a map for “cool spots” within walking distance. This tool is aimed at vulnerable target groups such as the elderly, families with small children, and the care providers who are in contact with them on a daily basis. The various applications of the app will be tested with a limited group of residents and care providers in the Sint-Andries neighbourhood this summer.


  • Step 1: Completion of user analysis of the app by Monkeyshot (January 2019)
  • Step 2: Technical analysis by Geo Solutions (February 2019)
  • Step 3: Communication about the app (May 2019)
  • Step 4: Launch of the app (June 2019)


For this project, we are collaborating with the City of Antwerp/Stadslab 2050, Geo Solutions, Monkeyshot, VITO, imec, Logo Antwerpen, Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid [Agency for Care and Health]