Smart tracking lights

The project will be rolled out further in 2019.

Public streets and squares are always illuminated at night. Currently, the lighting is always at full strength, which results in unnecessary energy consumption and light pollution.

The Antwerp Smart Zone aims to provide the streets with the best possible lighting for users. Motion sensors are placed within the “Smart tracking lights” project. They register when pedestrians or other traffic pass by on the street and adjust the light level where and when it is needed.

This project came about through an open call. SmartNodes and Cronos were ultimately chosen to implement the project. Both partners’ different technologies are currently being tested simultaneously.  

How does the technology work?

  • The street has various motion sensors that pick up signals.
  • These signals are processed and analysed locally. They then control the street lighting based on the data.
  • The sensors and the underlying system make a distinction between street traffic and pedestrians on the footpath. And it is this that determines the speed of the tracking lights.