Where is the Antwerp Smart Zone?

The Antwerp Smart Zone is located in Sint-Andries, a typical Antwerp neighbourhood with narrow residential streets, many people, busy shops and cafés, few parking places, and so on. It is a miniature version of the city, and an ideal place for experimenting.

The Antwerp Smart Zone will initiate in the Sint-Andries district. This lively neighbourhood with active residents is an ideal place to conduct experiments. After all, innovative ideas only make sense if they are thoroughly tested and approved by the user. This is why the smart sensors and cameras will be placed in this typical part of Antwerp - so we can work together with the residents.


The central pentagon Kloosterstraat - Graaf van Egmontstraat - Nationalestraat and Augustijnenstraat form a typical Antwerp neighbourhood where many people live in a very diverse environment. It is a neighbourhood containing many shops, cafés, restaurants, offices, public buildings, museums and schools, lots of traffic, busy intersections, narrow bike paths and limited parking spaces ... a miniature version of the city. In addition, the neighbourhood has been well developed, which makes cooperation with residents easier.

Whatever the Antwerp Smart Zone tests here on a small scale, could be used later for the whole city.